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Everything you need to know so you can use Convene like a pro.

Anyone who is invited or has purchased access can attend an online event. As long as you have a link to join your desired event, it is as simple as clicking the link or dialing in from a number provided by your host with a password. All our events are completely secure and created with you, the user in mind.

Not at all. We aim to make this experience as seamless as possible. You have to register an account in order to host, but not to simply attend. Guests and attendees are free to come and go as they please, as long as they have been invited to the platform by a host.

ConveneOnline provides a seamless experience for all our users. Our staff are online at any time to ensure that you have unlimited support and undivided attention to you, your event and your attendees. In addition, our team of eventing experts is well versed and experienced in physical and digital events to add to your experience. We go the extra mile in providing all your content from your event, including images and video uploaded during the event, all analytics and statistics from the event and from ticketing and hosting. We are African event experts, which means that if you are having an event that includes people from the continent or to give a truly authentic African experience, we are your support structure. You can book a trial with us anytime and cancel your package at any time, no frills.

We make the process as simple as a few easy to follow steps! Tell us your requirements and we will suggest some features for you. You can also build your event as you go and always get in touch for specifics that you need for your event.

We take every step possible to ensure that your data and that of your guests is always safe and secure. With extended features such as Locked Sessions, secure waiting rooms, select screen and document sharing, password protected sessions and user authentication (to name a few) we keep you and your event top of mind. We have a full list of security features and their uses here.

You can take a look at our Privacy Policy here.

We know your event is important and should be memorable.We are always available to discuss any additional requirements should your event require a more customized approach to the number of attendees, partners and varying points of engagement. Please get in touch or drop us a line here and we will get back to you to discuss.

Breakaway rooms allow you to manage brainstorms, smaller discussions, and individual meetings seamlessly, without having to integrate any other platform with Convene. 


Convene gives you the ability to choose which attendees to group together, gives you access to meeting notes, and allows you to place a time-limit on the length of the breakaways.


Each breakaway room can host up to [x] attendees.


  • Meet : [x] breakaway rooms
  • Get Together: [x] breakaway rooms
  • Gather : [x] breakaway rooms
  • Convene: [x] breakaway rooms

At ConveneOnline, we believe in round-the-clock support for you or your teams. We are here when you need us to be. Call or chat at any time of the day or night to speak to any of our technical staff and we will help you solve your problem. We also take the load off your shoulders and offer sponsor management services for some of our packages which you can view in more detail here. 


Our team at ConveneOnline is also available to help with suggestions to make your events more unique and memorable should you require them, you can always get in touch with us here.

ConveneOnline integrates into many systems. As our list is always increasing, please take a look at your compatibility here.

One of the great benefits of ConveneOnline is our understanding of the different needs of our audiences. While the service is not free, we do provide tiered pricing depending on your event specifics


Take a quick look at our prices here:


  • Meet : < 250 participants
  • Get Together: 251 – 500
  • Gather : 501 – 2000 guests
  • Convene: Unlimited (up to 100, 000)


Access more information on our complete packages  here and get in touch should you need anything.

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